Working With Us

We work with a variety of academic departments, campus entities, and external clients. Each has unique goals for their video project, and we want to fully understand those goals before we ever begin filming.

1We first ask all of our clients to complete a CREATIVE BRIEF so that we can learn about your work and what you're looking to accomplish with this video. Once you finish your brief, we will work on creating a PROJECT TREATMENT so that we're clear about who/what we'll be filming.

Also, at this phase of the project, it's important to start thinking about the DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY of your video. How are you planning on using this video? Posting on Facebook? Email blast? Website? Why is video the most effective way to convey your story? We're happy to talk through these points with you, too, but it's important you keep them in mind from the very beginning.

To give you an idea of the types of videos we can create, take a quick look at the samples below.

Personal Profile Video Program Overview Video Event Coverage Video

2As your shoot day gets closer, we'll work toward developing a detailed PRODUCTION PLAN, which will help guide us when we're filming but will also help identify any potential content areas that we're missing. If needed, we may arrange a quick meeting where we can discuss any questions related to production. Depending on the scope of the project, it may be helpful to have a representative from your team accompany us during production -- or at least be available in case we have any questions while in the field.

3After we've finished filming, we enter the POST-PRODUCTION phase, which entails edits and revisions. We typically work with clients through 2-3 rounds of revisions, which can look something like this:

Cut Date Comments Due
Rough cut due to client March 1 Feedback due back from client by March 5
Fine cut due to client March 10 Feedback due back from client by March 13
Final cut due to client March 16 Feedback (if needed) due back from client by March 18

4The FINAL PRODUCT usually takes 8 weeks from conception to completion, although that can differ depending on the scope of the project. For a better idea of projects we've completed, check out our Video Samples page.