Video Samples

We create a wide range of video projects -- from personal profiles to short documentaries. See below for a collection of our work.

Program Overview Videos

These videos aim to give a full overview of a program, department, or company. They feature numerous voices taking about a wide breadth of topics. These videos are usually best suited for use on website homepages.

Department of Health & Exercise Science Lifelong Learning Program Sports Storytelling Program
Personal Profiles

These videos tell the story of an individual (or small group of individuals) associated with a particular program. They are more personal and - at times - emotional than overview videos, and are best used on social media channels and e-mail newsletters.

Stan Meiburg Joins the Wake Forest Sustainability Department Department of Education: Julie Ross Center for Bioethics Alumna Bryn Saunders - Wake Forest Graduate School
Documentary/Event Coverage

These videos are mostly used to commemorate an individual or event. They are best used when screened during live events such as open houses, orientations, or graduations, but can also be used online.

Champions of Pro Humanitate - Ed Christman John Carlos Discusses Meeting MLK Jr. Winston-Salem Downtown Tour Video